the ballarat wellness centre

Welcome to EastWest Therapies

Ballarat’s home of Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Shiatsu Therapy and Yoga.

EastWest Therapies - the ballarat wellness centre - is unique
. It is a family focussed wellness centre, owned and operated by Audrey Burking and Greg Horgan. Between us we have more than 60 years of combined experience providing health and wellness care. Our services are also uniquely special.
• Audrey is an accredited Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist & Shiatsu Practitioner.
• Greg is a registered Acupuncturist & an accredited NLP Practitioner.

Our practice is driven by a strong set of values which are best summed up as follows:

we believe a Healing Environment should make you feel welcome
So our Centre is designed with your comfort in mind: quiet, spacious, private and peaceful - a space where you can leave the world outside and find the healing you need inside.

we believe a Healing Environment should provide a service that is rich in time
So we make sure you have the time to talk; the time to ask questions; the time to have things thoroughly explained to you; and the time for your care.

we believe a Healing Environment should provide practitioners that hold the highest of qualifications
We are both registered health care practitioners (see AHPRA) and we strive to enhance our skills and qualifications at every opportunity we can; our advice will always be appropriately tailored to your needs; and our treatments skilfully delivered.

we believe our Healing Environment offers you all of the above and more
Please accept our invitation to view our web site and - please - feel free to call for a personal, relaxed, obligation-free chat about your requirements.

Audrey Burking & Greg Horgan
EastWest Therapies